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The KLR & COVID-19

The latest on our response to COVID-19

The Kirklees Light Railway will remain closed to the public until 12 April 2021 at the earliest. 
This is a date set for re-opening by the UK Government and the date may be pushed back further should COVID restrictions make it necessary - we will keep you informed!
We will be in touch with all visitors with tickets booked between 22 February and 11 April 2021 to discuss your options.
When we re-open in April 2021, we will:
  • Continue to request that visitors only book for your immediate household/social bubble until social contact restrictions are eased further
  • Request that visitors do not gather in groups of more than two households or more than the 'rule of six' when OUTDOORS at the KLR.  When on the trains visitor groups should continue to maintain social distancing until social contact limits are eased
  • Continue to run our services at half capacity to allow for social distancing between visitor groups
  • Continue to request that visitors wear face masks when on the trains and inside station facilities (until UK Government guidance dictates otherwise)
  • Continue to request people remain socially distant from those not in their visitor group until restrictions are further eased
  • Offer takeaway options only from the cafe and tea room
  • Not offer any indoor facilties other than toilets, shop and takeaway (there will be no indoor shelter available in inclement weather)
  • Continue to request that tickets are booked online in advance of your visit
  • Continue to request that onsite payments are made by contactless methods wherever possible

From 17 May 2021 at the earliest, we hope we will:

  • Be able to offer indoor dining once again in The Bufferstop Cafe for visitor groups made up on no more than two households or six people, socially distanced from other visitor groups
  • Be able to offer seating together on the trains for visitor groups made up on no more than two households or six people, socially distanced from other visitor groups
  • Be able to allow visitor groups to join other visitors that they know OUTSIDE at the KLR up a maximum of 30 people

At this time, we will be led by UK Government guidance with regards to social distancing, face mask wearing etc. so please be patient as we only find out what the rules are when everybody else does!

In the meantime, whilst we are closed to the public, a skeleton team of key staff will remain working on site seven days a week whilst some staff will continue to be furloughed.
During this period of closure, it is vital that members of the public do not enter the railway's sites or trespass along the track. The railway's facilities will be closed to all those who do not have permission to enter - this includes the playgrounds which belong to us as a small private business and are not a public/community facility. It is also important to remember that railways are DANGEROUS places and we will be running service trains at unscheduled times so please STAY OFF THE TRACK.

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